6.4. Upgrade database

6.4.1. Create a new upgrade delta

  • First create a new branch for your modification on the model

  • Modify the SQL creation code at your convenience

  • Create the corresponding SQL delta file in data-model/update/delta. * file must be named : delta_{tag_number}_{increment}_{short description}.sql see Release cycles and versioning.

  • Push your branch, and check travis result

  • If travis test is OK, then you can create a pull request to merge your modifications in master


Data model should be TAGGED. Tag should respect the following syntax like this: x.x.x. For each major version, the tag MUST be called x.0.0.

6.4.2. Migrate an existing database

If you use an old version of QWAT model, you can upgrade it by following the instructions bellow:


You should always save you current database before upgrading

  • Open a terminal, and move to qwat_project/data-model/update

  • Launch upgrade command: ./upgrade_db.sh
    • This will test the migration process

  • If the migration process is OK, then launch again the command with the parameter to upgrade the real DB : ./upgrade_db.sh --upgrade yes


Your .pg_service.conf must contain connexions to qwat, qwat_test and qwat_conform DB

6.4.3. The way it works

We’ve got a tag for version x.0

In /update/delta/ directory, we find the SQL files list which contain the current evolutions (delta). If we execute init_qwat.sh in the current git repository, we should have the same DB than if we execute init_qwat.sh of the x.0 version. The contributor who add a new delta SQL file must also update the DB creation SQL script.

For a user, the migration process consists in :

  • Get the version of his base (should be given in QWAT the system schema).

  • Execute the migration script, which take in parameter that version number. The script execute the following tasks :
    • pg_dump of the QWAT DB

    • pg_restore of the previous dump in a test DB (qwat_test)

    • Execute on test DB all SQL delta above or equals to the version number (sql deltas must be named delta_{tag_number}_{increment}_{short description}.sql)

    • Execute conformity test script:
      • Create a new DB: qwat_test_conform

      • Produce the reference file (result from the DB test sql)

      • Comparison of that reference file with the one produced by the qwat_test DB previously created

      • If all is OK, user is invited to launch the migration on his real DB

      • If errors occur, the user has to debug himself or contact the QWAT team